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Upvc Copy Router & Drill Machine

Copy Router with Tripple Drilling & Water slot router – RC 3DW


Used for opening lock, grip, hinge, espagnolette slots and processes of opening canal at desired dimesions for aluminium and plastic profiles.

  • Powerful, solid and flexible: the water drainage routers Machines convince by their sensational price-performance ratio and optimally meet your production requirements. Because of solid heavy guides and tempered polished shafts with recirculating ball bushings the machines are highly flexible and durable.
  • Due to the operator-friendly handling and maintenance, short changeover times and individual adjustments the water drainage router is an allrounder that perfectly fits in your production. All water drainage routers are equipped with powerful, high-speed cutting motors. The machining heads are freely adjustable regarding depth and height.

Key Features:

  • 3 Spindle router for locks, hinks, door handles and drain slots with different angles.
  • Ratio alows you to make your own templates.
  • Copy head works on the vertical axis and triple drilling head works on the horizontal axis.
  • Pneumatic xlamping system.
  • Can use as water slot machine

Technical Parameter

  • Voltage/ Frequency 380 V / 50 Hz
  • Total Power 1.1 KwAir
  • Pressure 6-8 Bar
  • Air Consumption 81 Lt./min
  • Machine Length 620 mm
  • Machine Width 920 mm
  • Machine Height 1400 mm
  • Max Profile Height 180 mm
  • Machine Weight 122 Kg
  • Control System Electropnomatik
Accessories Name Brand
Cylinder Pneuamax (Italy)
Approach switcher telemaechanique/Siemens
Electrical button switcher Telemaechanique/ Schneider/ Siemens
AC contactor and circuit breaker PLC Telemaechanique/ Schneider/ Siemens
Software Backup Available
Saw blade Freud(Italy)/Ishalp (Germany)/Schaffer (Germany)
Air filter device Pneuamax (Frl unit)
Display Schneider
Safety devices PSR, Door switch & limit switch
Conveyor Rollers Interoll or Equivalent
Contactors Schneider/Siemens
Electrical Wires KEI
Release Handle (hand lever) Elesa Ganter (Germany)
Bearing system Hiwin/Nachi/Skf
Clamp Cylinders Pneumax

Brand Commitment
TAES, in a way, pioneering the industrial service revolution by coming up with one stop solution for projects, machines & training.TAES is Biggest Indian Upvc Inhouse Machine manufacture has been established in India since 2012.We believe on Quality Product with Customer Satisfaction So we procuring All our ISO Standard Spare parts from world Class manufacture Like Schneide ,Siemesa &Pneuamax . The company mainly deals with Manufacturing Machines,plant AMC,Machine spares & tools and fenestration software.We are currently based at Noidat through which we offer services to Delhi & NCR, andother Northern states. We also have Engineers based at Chennai Mumbai ,Odisha &Bangalore who handles Rest region.TAES always trusts“the axiom ofconjoint benefit between corporation, customers and employees is themost ideal route for constant and profitable growth”

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Automatic V Cutting machine (2M Conveyor) – SVC 2A5
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